Tom S.

“I’ve been dealing with a physical condition called ‘Diastasis Recti’, which is a separation of the abdominal muscles down the centerline. I’ve had lots of trouble finding anyone who knew anything about it. There’s lots of conflicting information on the internet, so that wasn’t much help. Doctors have told me that it occurs more often in women (during pregnancy) than in men, and that there was nothing I can do about it.
From the first session with Aileen, it was obvious that she does her research, and has had lots of experience helping both men and women with this condition. As I’ve continued to work with her, I’ve been so impressed with the care and attention she devotes to her work. She instructs me on the most subtle movements and positions. Sometimes, I don’t know how she can spot the tiny errors in my position when I don’t even see or feel them myself. Aileen is a master at targeting very specific parts of my body for strengthening, flexibility, or relief of strain.

In just over a month of meeting with Aileen weekly, and applying her coaching to my regular workouts, I’ve achieved what I was unable to on my own: I’ve almost completely closed the separation in my abdominal muscles. Working with Aileen, I know that I benefit not only from our half hours together, but from all the additional time she must spend on her own doing research and improving her skills as a practitioner. I know that if I continue to follow her coaching, and her very specific guidance, I’ll continue to make improvements.”