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Tom S.

“I’ve been dealing with a physical condition called ‘Diastasis Recti’, which is a separation of the abdominal muscles down the centerline. I’ve had lots of trouble finding anyone who knew anything about it. There’s lots of conflicting information on the internet, so that wasn’t much help. Doctors have told me that it occurs more often in women (during pregnancy) than in men, and that there was nothing I can do about it. From the first session with Aileen, it was obvious that she does her research, and has had lots of experience helping both men and women with this…

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Jana L.

“Aileen is incredible! I have worked with trainers off and on for over 15 years. After a recent injury, PT wasn’t working for me and I was anxious to get back to the gym. Aileen not only took the time to learn about my injury and work through several different exercises, she also saved me from myself wanting to do too much, too fast. While most trainers say that they can work with injuries, it usually amounts to ‘working around’ whatever injury you have, not suggesting fixes or modifications. Aileen read and researched exercises to actually improve my problem,…

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Ellie S.

“I was concerned about working virtually on an issue that is so physical. Using the tech tools you’ve incorporated, I felt like you were practically there with me in the room. Also your videos were extremely helpful. I would highly recommend your services to anyone!”

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