Making Exercise a Lifestyle

If you’re struggling with how to fit exercise into your hectic schedule, here are some tips to get you started.

#1: Schedule it in your calendar.

If you have a specific time set aside for exercise instead of just waiting to “see if you have time,” you’re more likely to get it done. Look at your calendar and plan which days and times you can consistently commit to each week. If you pencil in a run every Tuesday, strength training on Thursday, and a yoga class on Saturday, then exercise will become a normal part of your routine.

#2: Get an accountability buddy.

Join a running group, hire a personal trainer, make a friend date at the gym, workout at home with your spouse, post your progress on social media–whatever will help you stay on track because you feel accountable. When I know someone is waiting at the track for me at 6 pm, I go whether I’m feeling a run or not.

#3: Feel confident in your program.

If you know what you need to do before you get to the gym, you’ll maximize your time instead of wandering around figuring out which machines to use. When you have a plan and you know that plan was specifically tailored for your needs and goals, you’ll have more motivation to do it. Confidence in how to do the exercises and the feeling of progress will become addicting, and you’ll want to keep it up.

How do you fit exercise into your week? Drop a comment below.